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8 Homegrown Labels To Shop For Summer

If you’re on the hunt for a whole new wardrobe this sun-kissed season, look no further. Whether you’re looking for a new bikini, a stylish set of sunglasses, the ultimate mall-to-beach shoes, or a piece of jewelry to complete your summer look, we’ve listed down 8 homegrown brands—all stylish and affordable— to end your summer list of things to […]

The Most Stylish Denim Pieces To Shop Right Now

Fashion trends come and go but I think we can all agree: denim is forever. From embroidered jeans to reworked ’70s flares, denim hasn’t stopped evolving. Because of its comfort and versatility, denim is the ultimate staple in everyone’s wardrobe whenever, wherever. Whether you wear it to dress up or dress down, it’s a timeless fabric […]

5 Beauty Products That Make You Look Better When You Wake Up

Six hours worth of beauty sleep might not be enough to recharge your skin for the next day, so maybe it’s time for you to upgrade your skincare game. Nighttime beauty rituals might seem too tedious for some, but it’s actually at night that your skin naturally regenerates and repairs the damage done during the day— […]

5 Celebrity Hairstylists Share Their #1 Products For Killer Beach Waves

Beach waves are the ultimate summer hairstyle. But as much as we’d love to live by the beach and have the perfect tousled ‘do every single day, duty calls. So while we can’t all live the Blue Crush life, there are a couple of hair products that can get you that fresh-off-the-beach look with just a […]

9 of the Best Drugstore Foundations

One of the basic makeup essentials that you should have in your kit is foundation. It’s a fairly simple product used to even out your complexion and hide minor imperfections on your face. And these days, finding a foundation with flawless results doesn’t have to cost a fortune. So since we gave you a rundown of […]

How To Achieve Bigger, Fuller Lips In 4 Easy Ways

Wouldn’t it be nice to have naturally enhanced lips like Angelina Jolie and Emily Ratjakowski? While most of us have considered getting lip injections a la Kylie Jenner, a lack of funds or a fear of needles is keeping us from having the pout of our dreams. So in a search to create luscious lips without going under the […]

6 Products That Will Save Your Skin From Pimples

Pimples are an age-old skin dilemma that all of us go through at some point in our lives. Whether you’re a pubescent teenager or a twenty-something who’s suffering from PMS, everyone despises those pesky blemishes whenever they inappropriately pop up. Once a pimple has taken a residence in an area on your face, there’s really no turning […]

How to Achieve Glossy Lids in 3 Easy Steps

Matte is so 2015 – dewy and glossy is the new cool. All you beauty fanatics have tried that matte finish look eyeshadow palettes, whether you had your most recent travel out of the country or the last time you went to a party, but it’s time for you to switch up the glam into this […]

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Every Type of Guy

Valentine’s day is less than a week away and if you’re here, that only means you’re stuck on what to get for the men in your lives. Whether you’re planning to surprise your boyfriend or you just want to show your love to a good friend, we’ve found 10 fail-proof gifts for every type of guy. […]

10 Flirty Dresses To Wear On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is right around the corner. And you might have already found the perfect gift for your SO, but is your date night outfit sorted out? Since you’re here, we’re guessing that task is yet to be crossed off on your list of things to do this weekend. Whether your plans involve a romantic picnic, […]