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5 Gorgeous Cities Fashion Girls Should Add To Their Bucket Lists

‘Tis the season of travel. And while you’re planning your next trip to Bali, we’re here to suggest 5 not-too-familiar places you might want to visit soon. Thanks to some of our favorite fashion girls from Kim Jones to Laureen Uy, we’ve discovered the most gorgeous cities that are so Instagrammable, you’d want to book flights immediately. From […]

9 Tokyo Fashion Week Street Style Looks To Copy

We often talk about Seoul when it comes to fashion, but we can’t forget that Japan’s under-the-radar fashion scene is just as achingly impeccable. Boasting with multiple accessories and loud colors, Tokyo Fashion Week’s street style looks were nothing short of unforgettable. Each look was a distinct and clear representation of the person wearing it—in fact, […]

Sue, Yassi, and Loisa Show Us How To Slay In Bright-Colored Makeup

Bright eyeshadow shades are oftentimes avoided at all costs because they’re rather difficult to pull off. While the neutral shades hit pan, the brighter hues are left completely untouched in our palettes. But for trendsetters Sue Ramirez, Yassi Pressman, and Loisa Andalio, putting on flashy and vibrant eyeshadows is never a problem. Below, the three stars […]

12 Anti-Aging Products For Every Budget

Wrinkle creams and everyday sunscreen used to be the kind of thing only your mom wore every single day. But now that you’re finally nearing your ’30s, including anti-aging products in your skincare routine doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. Sure, an extra few minutes in your daytime and nighttime regimen feels excessive, but looking […]

This Is How Fashion Bloggers Like To Wear The On-Trend Prints

It’s safe to establish that 2017 is an interesting year for fashion. We’ve witnessed multitudes of unexpected trends enter the scene one after the other—from the fashionable return of beltbags to the instant boom of statement shirt usage. But if you keep yourself posted on the latest in the fashion scene, then you’re well aware […]

Where To Dye Your Hair Blonde, Pink, or Silver in Manila

Hair color trends may come and go but for some beauty-obsessed girls, there’s no rulebook. One month they’re giving their hair a touch of ash blonde and the next, they’re choosing to dye their hair color between rose gold and millenial pink. If you’re part of that club, then you’re probably on the hunt for the […]

5 Times Camille Co Brought Back The Print-On-Print Trend

Fashion bloggers are often the go-to style inspiration for many of us fashion enthusiasts. And there’s no mystery why; these style influencers sure know the 101 on the latest sartorial trends. But because trends instinctively come and go, what’s more admirable about these fashion mavens is their seemingly innate ability to bring back the passé […]

The Only Two Skincare Products You Need If You’re Lazy AF

Do you go out with full makeup on and crash on your bed the minute you get home? Well, no wonder you’re always complaining about surprise breakouts. You’ve probably heard this a million times before but here’s some advice: invest in skincare. However, we’re not here to convince you to try the 10-step Korean skincare routine. […]

The Ruffle Trend Still Isn’t Going Anywhere According To These Bloggers

If you’re hesitating on whether or not to get that pink ruffle top you saw at the mall yesterday, these bloggers will assure you that the trend isn’t going anywhere. It’s been a whole year since ruffles pulled us in, but little did we know, they’re not quite ready to let us go yet. The ruffle […]

6 Friday Night Makeup Looks To Copy From Celebrities

When it comes to all things makeup, there is no other place to find better inspiration from than the wonderful world of Instagram and the celebrity makeup artists who live in it. This week, we’ve gathered 6 of the best makeup looks that will help make your weekend prep much easier. From Jessy Mendiola’s golden cheeks to Gabbi […]