The Biggest Wedding Trends For 2018

In a woman’s life, planning a wedding is one of the most exhausting events she will ever experience. But the results can be one of the most fulfilling too—as long as you do it right. From the invitations down to the table centerpiece, finding a theme that you won’t regret in 20 years is a bit of a challenge. You want your wedding elements to feel current, but you also don’t want it to be too trendy. So how do you know which trends to skip and which to follow? Well dear friends/future brides, that’s what we’re here for.

According to our research, greenery will carry on till 2018 and brides are going towards more minimalistic looks.  To help you further, check out the 9 biggest wedding trends to add to your mood board before you finally say your I Dos next year.

1. Garland Tablescapes

Garland Tablescapes Weddings

Ever sit across someone at a wedding reception but can’t see their faces? We’ll here’s a brilliant but gorgeous (and more affordable) solution.

2. Minimalistic Bridal Bouquet

Minimalistic Bridal Bouquet

More and more women are opting for single or triple flower bouquets because they’re simple, elegant, and totally fuss-free.

3. Bridesmaid Jumpsuits

Bridesmaid Jumpsuits

Who says bridesmaids have to wear dresses? Jumpsuits are chic, fresh, and versatile. Plus, your girls don’t have to worry about their dance moves at the afterparty.

4. Donuts

Donuts Wedding

Because why not?

5. Bridal Capes

Bridal Cape Trend

Whether you wear a long or short one, a sheer cape can make any dress look chic. And if you want to have one look for your wedding and another for your reception, you just need to take it off!

6. Transparent Invitations

Transparent Wedding Invitation

Acrylic wedding elements are the next big thing. The clear material is a creative way to play with backgrounds and can be easily incorporated in any wedding theme.

7. Rustic Mobile Bars

Mobile Bar Wedding

It’s not about what you serve but it’s how you serve it. Mobile bars aren’t new to wedding receptions but a rustic one like this camper van would make a great addition to a garden wedding.

8. Watercolor Wedding Cakes

Watercolor Wedding Cake

We’ve had naked cakes, marble cakes and drip cakes, and now, say hello to watercolor wedding cakes. It’s fresh, pretty, and simply romantic.

9. Geometric Decor

Geometric Styling Weddings

When placed with flowers, geometric shapes create a balance between traditional and modern wedding decor.

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