Here’s What You Need To Know Before Getting Lash E...

Here’s What You Need To Know Before Getting Lash Extensions

Not everyone is blessed to own a generous set of covetable lashes. Others have to resort to external means to get their own lavish set, in the form of either falsies or extensions. If you’re always out and about and would like to spend less time for your morning getting-ready routines, you’ll likely opt for the longer-lasting lash extensions. It’s true, having lash extensions will liberate you from the trouble of whisking mascara on every morning. Even Beyoncé is a firm believer of their cosmetic powers! But while all these pros suggest that you schedule an appointment at the nearest salon, you might want to reconsider the facts first. They’re trickier than you think, so you might want to read up before making the big decision! Here are a few things you need to know about having lash extensions. If you think you’re up for the consequences, go ahead and cop those volumized, smize-worthy lashes!

Most lash extensions last up to a month or two.

It really depends on the quality of the lashes used as well as your own lash growth rate. After that, you’ll have to revisit your salon to get them redone (which costs lower than the first application) or have them removed completely. Removing the remaining pieces of extensions on your own might not be a good idea for your natural lashes, so it’s safer to have them removed professionally. If you don’t want to revisit the salon, lash extensions do fall out on their own over time.

They’re low-maintenance and time-saving.

A volumized set of lashes can save you the time of putting eye makeup on completely because they already look good on their own. You’ll have lesser use for eyeshadow, liners, and mascaras since your lashes are already doing the trick.

You’ll have to adjust your skincare and makeup routines accordingly.

There are some things you’ll have to avoid once you have lash extensions on. For instance, you can’t use oil-based products that have the potential of weakening the lash glue. This means that you also have to avoid makeup products that require oil-based makeup removers, like waterproof makeup, for example.

You’ll have to be extra careful with your eye area.

If you wear contacts, you’ll need extra care not to ruin your lashes every time you put them on. You’ll also have to be extra mindful not to rub your eye, otherwise you’re running the risk of losing some lash extensions to fallout. 

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