This Piece Will Take Your Outfit From 0-100 In an ...

This Piece Will Take Your Outfit From 0-100 In an Instant

The black or white top + denim bottoms combination will never fail you. But you know what will? Stepping out and seeing six other girls wearing the same thing. Although, there is something that will save you and your outfit, and it’s a floral kimono.

The piece garnered an unbelievable amount of attention circa 2014, and up to today, it’s still being worn especially in music festivals. When we say floral kimono, we’re not talking about the sheer pink ones— we’re talking about its cooler older sister. A long, floral kimono probably made of silk or satin will give your basic ensemble a good boost. Contrasting perfectly with the the easy appeal of black or white on denim, trust us when we say that the perfect floral kimono is bound to take you from casual to chic.

Still don’t believe us? Check out the photos below to see how the clothing piece can instantly take your outfit from 0-100. You won’t be matching with anyone anytime soon, that’s for sure.

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