6 Chic Ways To Wear the Color Green

Color has now found its place in many of our wardrobes, which isn’t entirely surprising. Fashion girls enjoy a sartorial challenge, so as the rain and gloom started to come, so did our colors. The colors red and yellow were steady favorites for a while, but now there’s a new color you need to make way for in your closet: the color green.

If you’re new to the color trend, starting off with green may seem a little intimidating, we can assure you that there are ways to slowly incorporate the color into your looks. From green clothing pieces to accessories, scroll down to see how you can style this season’s new red.

1. Wear it with pink.

The right shade of green will look impeccable next to the perfect shade of pink. Make sure your pieces have some sort of print, so there’s more than one point of interest to your look.


Photo via @emilisindlev

2. Let the color speak for itself.

Make sure the color is the center of attention by going for a natural look and simple and neutral accessories.


Photo via @karenbritchick

3. You can never go wrong with pastel.

Take the color green to a daintier side picking it in a pastel tone. Pair with pastel yellow and minimalistic accessories for an effortless chic look.


Photo via @kirstynkonig

4. When in doubt, wear jeans.

The perfect way to ease into the season’s new color is to pair them with your favorite pair of jeans. Red accents and oversized sunglasses will keep the look more put together but still casual.


Photo via @meganellaby

5. Accents are everything.

Get a green-accented piece and pair with a solid colored one of the same shade. The cohesiveness is subtle but present, and you can show off a good amount of color without being too much.


Photo via @saniaclausdemina

6. Keep it low.

Wear the green on your feet. Take your classic blue-and-white striped polo, white jeans, a yellow bag, and green shoes for a crisp daytime look.


Photo via @savislook

Featured image via @meganellaby.

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