The Beginner’s Guide To Getting Hair Highlig...

The Beginner’s Guide To Getting Hair Highlights

Ever been curious about getting highlights but you’re just not sure whether they’d look good on you? We’ve been through the same debate before, so when we got the chance to stop by Salon Privat by Jing Monis, we decided to settle the score by asking Senior Stylist Jeff Gabo about the basics of getting hair highlights. The major takeaway: highlights are definitely for everyone! If you need some pointers before heading to the salon, read on below to know what you should consider first before getting highlights, the recommended haircut that’ll look amazing with streaks, and some post-highlight haircare tips!

What’s one big difference between highlights and lowlights?
Highlights are more noticeable compared to lowlights. Lowlights are more subtle, they only become as prominent under the sun.

Can I get one without the other?
Yes, you can get highlights without lowlights, and vice versa.

How long is the process?
Around 1 hour and 20 minutes.

What are the different techniques used to do highlights?
There’s weaving, which is how you get the strands of your hair. You get a bunch of strands and then using your tail comb, you weave through the hair, like how you weave a banig. With weaving, the highlights look natural. There’s also balayage, which is more of an old technique na nauso ulit. Balayage is a freehand technique done from the roots down to the ends of your hair. In balayage, there’s no uniform way of applying highlights, that’s why it’s freehand.

Can I wash my hair after getting highlights?
You shouldn’t wash your hair right after getting highlights because your hair still has the treatment used earlier on, but you can wash it the next day.

How many months do highlights last?
Highlights last around 6 months, depends on how fast your roots grow.

How can I maintain my highlights?
For maintainance, marami nang products for retaining the colors. You have masks, Color Save shampoos and conditioners, even leave-on serums that could help make the color last longer. Salon Privat by Jing Monis carry a lot of Color Save products like Wella, Schwarzkopf, and Lakme. Keratin Complex also has their Color Save shampoos.

What kind of haircut looks best with highlights?
Square-layered hair looks nice with highlights. But if you have thick hair, a round-layered haircut is nice.

What should people consider first before getting highlights?
Definitely the condition of your hair. If you just got your hair rebonded, for example, you need to ask your hairstylist first if it’s safe to get highlights without further damaging your hair.

What kind of highlights do you recommend for different skin tones?
Light highlights like blonde would look good on fair skin tones, while darker tones like browns, will suit morenas more.

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