5 Natural Beauty Hacks To Try At Home This Long We...

5 Natural Beauty Hacks To Try At Home This Long Weekend

Long weekends don’t always call for pricey out-of-town trips. Staying home can be just as luxurious. Take the time off to keep up with beauty routines you may have skipped during work days and build your own spa straight out of your kitchen. To get you started, we’ve compiled all-natural DIY beauty hacks you can try this long weekend using products you may already have in the pantry. From a fragrant body scrub made out of coffee to a DIY salt spray for beach waves, it’s high time you pamper yourself the natural way.

Sugar Lip Scrub

Who can’t say no to luscious lips? Get smooth and healthy puckers with your own lip scrub made out of brown sugar, coconut oil, and honey.

Honey Facial Mask

Because honey is a humectant (meaning it helps retain the moisture on your skin), using it in a face mask will give you an instant glowing complexion. It’s also known to help remove acne scars, so you hit two birds with one stone.

Citrus Nail Treatment

Getting your nails done constantly may have harsh consequences. Try treating your digits with an orange nail bath to keep them in good condition.

Sea Salt Spray

You don’t need a trip to the beach to get covetable beach waves. A DIY Sea Salt Spray will do just the trick!

Coffee Scrub

There’s more to coffee than just being your daily morning jumpstarter. Using leftover coffee grounds in a DIY scrub can function as an effective exfoliator. Caffeine also contains antioxidants, so it ideally combats skin aging and tightens the skin.

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