Doll House featuring Loisa Andalio & Maris Ra...

Doll House featuring Loisa Andalio & Maris Racal

With sparkling personalities and star-quality charisma, fresh faces Maris Racal and Loisa Andalio have claimed their spots in the ranks of show business. But in an industry that often breeds hate and brittle relationships, it takes a great deal of effort to pull through. Luckily for these best friends, they can rely on each other’s supportive energy and carefree attitude to get them through both highs and lows of their rising careers.

The two first met back in 2014 when they were casted in Pinoy Big BrotherAll In, a special season where the regular, celebrity, and teen housemates where all thrown in together. Maris and Loisa, who were ages 16 and 15 respectively, were among the teen contestants – no wonder it seemed natural to find a close ally in each other in a house full of diverse personalities.

Two years later, Maris and Loisa are just as close – even living in the same building together. Both landing equal opportunities in acting and performing and amassing huge followings among their fans (we’re talking millions on social media,) they have been faring well in their chosen career. Despite being easily packaged as rising teen stars, Maris and Loisa don’t carry any competitive spirit against each other. More than anything, they’re happy to have the other in a path that can only get harsher as you tread further. “It’s rare to have a best friend in this industry. It’s like you have a family that you can trust and share your secrets and problems with,” Maris confides. Loisa echoes the same sentiment, telling us that Maris has always been there to keep her grounded with constant reminders and pieces of advice.

These days, the two enjoy their weekly performances together on ASAP where they form a girl group called BFF5 along fellow youngsters Ylona Garcia, Andrea Brillantes, and Kira Balinger. Maris has been announced as part of the upcoming film My Haunted Forest together with Jameson Blake, Jane Oineza, and Jon Lucas. Loisa, on the other hand, has been taping for the new series The Good Son alongside rising actor Joshua Garcia.

Amidst their varying schedules, Maris and Loisa found time to grace us with their candid charm as they play dress up in matching preppy ensembles and reveal to us their favorite low-key bonding moment, who takes more selfies, and how their differences prove that their friendship is bound to last.

How did you start being close in PBB?
Loisa: Pagpasok pa lang. Yung season kasi namin, All In. So we were the only teenagers kaya mas naging close kami.
Maris: Super mahiyain ako at first. Mas outgoing siya, so that’s where our personalities met halfway.

What’s your favorite memory together in the PBB house?
M: For me yung gold mining challenge.
L: It was memorable kasi mamee-meet namin yung father namin kapag nanalo kami. Doon kami talaga mas nag-bond ni Maris.

What are your dream projects?
M: ‘Yung magkasama kami sa teleserye.
L: Or movie.
M: We always perform together on ASAP or do photo shoots together. So acting together is something we really look forward to.

What’s one thing that surprised you the most in show business?
L: Para sa akin, hindi lahat ng kaharap mo totoo sa ‘yo. Bihira lang talaga.
M: For me naman, show business is not just a fun game. It’s a daily challenge where you have to improve yourself and be better than yesterday. You have to keep up to be on top.

Who do you admire the most in the industry?
M: Jodi Sta. Maria and Toni Gonzaga.
L: Sarah Geronimo.

What pieces of advice have you received so far?
M: Palaging sinasabi sa akin ni Ms. Sylvia Sanchez tuwing nakakasama ko siya sa taping, “Ikaw, dapat mabait ka sa mga veterans. Dapat bumati ka, dapat patient ka lang at smile ka palagi.”

What do you admire most about each other?
L: Kay Maris, I admire her words of wisdom. Sobrang mature niya mag-isip.
M: She’s very open to comments. She appreciates my advice. Hindi matigas ang ulo niya. Kunwari sabihin ko, “‘Wag ganyan, Loisa, kasi mali yan.” Okay lang sa kanya.

“It’s rare to have a best friend in this industry. It’s like you have a family that you can trust and share your secrets and problems with.” Maris

L:Button-down Shirt, Crop Top and Shorts by Topshop, Pumps by So Fab! (On Maris); Floral Dress used as Top by Miss Selfridge, Red Skirt by Stradivarius, Pumps by Janylin (On Loisa);  R: Red Belt, Stylist’s Own (On Loisa); Shirt with Ribbon, Knit Pullover and Plaid Skirt by Kashieca (On Maris)

White Ruffled Top by Basic Movement for Miz & Moxie, Bralette by Copper, Plaid Ruffled Pants by Topshop, Platform Shoes by So Fab!

When it comes to fashion, what are your essentials?
L: Jackets. Lalo na kung walang work or pupunta lang sa mall. Gusto ko ‘yung comfortable and walang effort.
M: If casual days lang din, hindi ko makakalimutan mag-hoodie. It’s effortless and casual, at the same time, maganda pa rin tignan.

Who’s more obsessed with makeup?
L: Parehas kami. Nung nag-Showtime kami, we used to do our makeup together.
M: Kapag nasa ASAP kami, may gusto kami lagi idagdag sa makeup namin.
L: ‘Yung makeup artist namin tapos na, pero kami gusto pa namin. (laughs)

What are your beauty must-haves?
M: Sunblock and tint.
L: Lip and cheek tint din. Basta may kulay yung lips and cheeks, okay na ako.

White Polo by Forever 21, Dress by Kashieca, Earrings by H&M (On Loisa); Bustier dress by Jinggay Serag, Strappy stilettos by Daryl Maat (On Maris)

Loisa Andalio and Maris Racal_ Final_5

R: Floral dress by Kashieca, Earrings by Forever21 (On Maris); Printed Dress by Kashieca and Nude Corset by Topshop, Earrings by Forever 21 (On Loisa)

Between the two of you, who takes more selfies?
M: Siya!
L: Hoy, ikaw din!
M: Ako, hindi ko inuupload. Follow niyo po siya sa Snapchat. Siguro sa isang filter, may 10 selfies siya. (laughs)

What’s your favorite bonding moment?
M: Pinakagusto namin yung walang makeup, nakapambahay lang, kumakain ng ice cream, at nanonood ng movie. Walang pretentions.
L: Same kami ng condo building. Minsan ako pumupunta sa kanya, minsan siya pumupunta sa akin.

Has there ever been a fight between the two of you?
M: Sa text lang, before nung concert namin. Meron kaming mini-away. (laughs)
L: Hindi naman siya nagalit sa akin, parang napikon lang. Habang mine-message niya ako, tawa ako nang tawa. Nung nagkita kami sabi ko lang, “Maris, para kang baliw.” (laughs)
M: Kapag may tampuhan, kinabukasan mawawala rin. We don’t hold grudges.

Loisa Andalio and Maris Racal_ Final_6

“Kay Maris, I admire her words of wisdom. Sobrang mature niya mag-isip.” –Loisa

Pinstriped Top by H&M, Printed Dress by Jigs Miranda, Earrings by Forever 21

How do you deal with negative comments about you?
L: Right after PBB, sobrang affected pa ako. Pero ngayon, tinatawanan ko na lang sila. Nasanay na kasi ako.
M: Same. Minsan nakakatulong sila, but if it gets too much, kapag below the belt na, sasagutin ko talaga sila kung ano ‘yung totoo. Para mapahiya sila, parang to get what they deserve.

Despite the negativity, what do you love most about being in show business?
M: For me, honestly, kapag nasa showbiz ka, ang dami talagang mag-aalaga sa ‘yo. Gusto nila na safe ka palagi. Nakakatuwa, sobra. Lalo na ‘yung fans – ‘yun ang bumabawi sa lahat ng negative. At nakikita ng lahat ‘yung ginagawa mo at naiinspire sila sa ‘yo. That’s my favorite part.

If you can give each other life advice what would it be?
L: Si Maris kasi, alam na niya lahat eh. Siya yung nag-aadvice sa akin, so mas wala siyang matututunan kapag binigyan ko siya ng advice. (laughs) Basta ipagpatuloy mo lang ang ginagawa mo. Nakikita ko na mas nagiging close ka sa mga fans mo. Nakakatuwa na nakikita rin ng marami ‘yun.
M: Go with the flow, but always use your head. Think about your decisions, para walang regrets.