Celebrities Are Obsessed with This New Fitness Stu...

Celebrities Are Obsessed with This New Fitness Studio

When it comes to exercising outside the gym, there are so many fitness studios to choose from. Whether you’re into spinning, boxing, yoga, or pilates, there’s no shortage of places to get your weekly body fix in Manila. But if you’re looking for something new, then we have good news for you. Originating in Hollywood California, Elev8 Lagree Fitness Studio opened its doors last July 15 in Bonifacio Global City. With over 300 studios around the world, Lagree Fitness has been transforming bodies and minds for over 10 years.

If you’re looking to elevate your fitness routine this season, this new workout is the best way to start. Using the Megaformer—a state-of-the-art machine that sculpts your body and improves dynamic fitness—a 45-minute class can help you burn 500-800 calories per session. Interested yet? We had a little chat with Janie Hale, Elev8 founder, co-owner, and instructor, and asked her everything you need to know about the hottest new studio in town.

What exactly is Lagree Fitness?
Lagree Fitness is a patented full-body workout that burns fat and sculpts lean muscle faster than any other fitness program. The Megaformer is a state-of-the-art machine that sculpts your body and improves dynamic fitness. Each class will enhance core strength and balance, overall muscular strength, and mental health.

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What makes it different from other workouts?
Our Lagree Fitness classes combine strength, endurance, cardiovascular, balance, flexibility, and core training, saving you time and maximizing results. We get our clients in the cardio conditioning /strengthening zone and stay there for the entire 45 minutes. The workout utilizes slow and controlled movements to activate the slow-twitch muscle fibers, leading to the long, lean, toned results we are all seeking. We work our muscles to the point of fatigue, forcing them to grow while increasing your rate of fat and calorie burning. Our instructors are skilled in adjusting the spring resistance to ensure that we safely cater to a variety of clientele in our group classes.

How does it help women achieve their body goals?
Our classes are high effective intensity but is also a low-impact workout that is safe on the joints, spine, and connective tissues. We promote fat loss and lean muscle growth to improve the total body composition without compromising the integrity of your body.

Photo via @missizacalzado

Photo via @missizacalzado

What are the classes you offer?
We offer “Megaformer” and “Foundation” classes. Our Megaformer classes are for all levels. The spring resistance allows us to cater to a diverse range of clientele. An athlete can be working next to a post-natal woman and equally feel challenged.

What makes the Megaformer different than the regular pilates carriage?
The Megaformer allows us to work on both sides of the machine, making exercises more challenging on the back than on the front. We’re able to get more creative with the workout because there is so much more that we can do. Imagine that you’ve just upgraded your Camry to a Ferrari!  We don’t encourage break times during the sessions but instead modifications as we want to maximize the cardio level.

What can we expect after one session?
You can expect a 45-minute fat incinerating, calorie burning, muscle shaking class where you can burn up to 500-800 calories per session. Because the Lagree method is so different, our clients find that they’re using muscles that they didn’t even know they had!

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How long does it take until we see results?
With consistent attendance (2-3 days a week), you can expect to see results in a month. We’ve been open less than a month and we’ve already seen changes in our client’s bodies and minds. You’ll find yourself getting stronger and when you do, we make the workout more challenging. It never gets easier, it just becomes more manageable.

Who are some of your celebrity clients?
Anne Curtis Smith and Iza Calzado are founding members. We sold unlimited packages to 50 individuals prior to the opening of the studio.

For more info, visit and @elev8studioph.

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