Fashion & Career Tips From Kathryn Bernardo a...

Fashion & Career Tips From Kathryn Bernardo and Erich Gonzales’ Stylist

Kimi Yap, in tandem with her sister Boop, is one of the go-to stylists for the country’s hottest celebrities like Kathryn Bernardo and Erich Gonzales. Kimi’s taste in fashion is impeccably chic and innovative and we fashion girls can learn a thing or two from her. If our favorite style stars trust her, then it isn’t hard to imagine why we should too. We had to know what Erich and Kathryn’s personal favorites are when it comes to their outfits (who wouldn’t?), so we had a quick chat with the celebrity stylist and even got to learn about her rainy season essentials as well as her tips for budding stylists. Read more about it below:

What are your must-have pieces for the rainy season?
You should always have a great pair of boots for the rainy season. Personally, I prefer ankle boots because they keep your feet dry, but it doesn’t restrict your movement as other boots would. A light trench coat and a beanie or a beret are also key pieces that you should have in your wardrobe so you can stay dry but still stylish even in the rain.

What are the trends that you think will last the entire year?
You can never go wrong with classic pieces such as a good pair of jeans, white or black tops and a good pair of heels. I like pairing tattered jeans with a basic top and strappy heels which are classic pieces but with a little twist which is usually the style that I like.

Since you’re the stylist of Kathryn Bernardo and Erich Gonzales, can you tell us what their favorite looks are? 
Both of them would usually gravitate towards looks that are modest, clean and straightforward. They want colors that are simple and easy on the eyes.Their style is classic and chic.

How do you make the way you style these celebrities unique and distinct from other stylists?
For Boop and I, our style is chic, feminine and forward. When we style our clients, we make sure that each of them has a unique ”fashion identifier” To ensure that the look of each client is distinct from the other, we try to merge our style with the client’s personal aesthetic. And we want our client’s looks to be versatile and something that fans would always look forward to.

Any advice for aspiring stylists?
Always be ready with anything. Bring lots of options, have your styling kits always ready, and always be early. Stick to these three things, and you’ll be able to overcome any unexpected hiccup and make it work. Also, you need to understand that nothing comes easy, and that you’ll really have to work hard and persevere through many, many challenges. But as long as you are passionate about what you do, and you have that drive within you to excel, you will make it.

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