4 Things You Need To Take the Perfect Selfie Accor...

4 Things You Need To Take the Perfect Selfie According To Liza Soberano

Having one of the most beautiful faces in the world comes with a few perks like being able to confidently walk out of the door sans makeup and never having to worry about photographs because every angle looks equally gorgeous. But sometimes even Liza Soberano has to take things into consideration before nailing the perfect shot—especially when it comes to taking a selfie. According to the new Fujifilm ambassador, the best tool and the right accessories are key.

If you admit to taking at least 15 photos to before choosing the perfect selfie to post on social media, scroll down below for Liza Soberano’s best tips.

Liza Soberano X-A3 Selfie 1

What are the things you always bring with you?
My cellphone, my wallet, my perfume, and my new Fujifilm X-A3 camera.

Liza Soberano X-A3 Selfie 2

What is the key to taking the perfect selfie with your new camera?
I love how you can tilt around the LCD monitor and face it towards you. That way, you can check yourself first before you take the picture. Then you just need to look for a good background, good lighting, and you’re ready to go.

Liza Soberano X-A3 Selfie 3

What’s a fail-proof tip to always looking camera-ready?
Just put on the perfect smile. That always works for me. No matter how tired you look, no matter how oily you may be, as long as your smile brings out all the happiness you feel in the picture, it’ll never go wrong.

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