The New Instagrammable Spot in Manila For The Perf...

The New Instagrammable Spot in Manila For The Perfect OOTD Shot

Outfit? Check. Pose? Check. Location? Um…

Every fashion girl loves to share her outfits via Instagram. The pre-photo preparations aren’t much of a hassle, as we tend to have our outfits planned to the smallest detail. When the moment to capture it comes however, we always struggle with one thing: the location. A white wall is the instant choice, but you have to admit, even its classic appeal tends to feel too mundane at times. I mean, is an outfit not worthy of a background just as glorious?

Upon checking our favorite bloggers’ Instagram accounts for inspiration, we noticed that there’s one place they frequently go to to hang out and take photos. This place is none other than Early Night?, a bar and restaurant located in BGC. It opens at 5 PM every Monday-Saturday, and is open until 2 AM. The neon pink walls catch your attention almost instantly, and the fervent glow of the neon lights will be enough to lure you in. It gets better though: the walls and displays inside emanate a vibe just as effervescent. Your favorite bloggers’ most favored spots? The wall of plants and the bar area. If you’re up for something else however, there are also walls with words, patterns, and of course, neon lights.

So the next time you need to take an Instagram photo, there’s no need to worry! Because your location? It’s a check.


Photo via @earlynightph

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Featured image via @itscamilleco.

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