10 Golden Fashion & Beauty Lessons We Learned...

10 Golden Fashion & Beauty Lessons We Learned From Martine Cajucom

If you’re looking for some top-notch advice on life, there’s no better person to learn from than Martine Cajucom. You can focus on her career and how she helped build the Sunnies empire as creative director. Or you can pick her brain on how to look (insert 100 points emoji here) while she’s at it.

There’s something admirable about the way she carries herself, and when it comes to style, Martine is a rare gem. The style muse embodies a unique mix of quirky, kitschy, cozy, and easy—as she describes—in a way that we can all relate to. Her Instagram is an open page for instant inspiration and she just seems like she’s got everything all figured out. So what does it take to be thirty, flirty, and thriving? (Pun totally intended.) We looked back at our interview in 2014 and picked up some pretty brilliant lessons from Martine. Scroll down below for 10 things we learned from everyone’s current life peg.

1. You can find inspiration in the most unusual places.

“[My day-to-day style is inspired by] color combinations or prints that bring me instant happiness, illustrations from the ‘60s, grade school uniforms, Veronica Lodge, Cher Horowitz, and ‘90s Calvin Klein ads. It sounds schizophrenic but it makes sense in my head.”

2. Buy pieces you’ll wear even after 10 years.

“I have pieces from ten years ago that I’m still pretty into, like my perfect denim Sherpa jacket and knee-high leather boots. I haven’t tossed those out and probably never will.”

3. Be a smart shopper.

“Nowadays, every piece I buy holds up to two tests. One, the Kmart test: if I saw this piece at Kmart, would I love it just as much? This applies more to designer pieces. And two, the cost-per-wear ratio: if I spend $600 on these shoes, how many times will I actually get to use them?”
Photographed by Nicco Santos, Styled by Ria Casco. (September, 2014)

Photographed by Nicco Santos, Styled by Ria Casco. (September, 2014)

4. Ukay-Ukays are a gold mine.

“[Makati Cinema Square] has some incredible finds. If you’re into treasure hunting, it’s a pretty solid gold mine. I bought an amazing Prada slip there for 80 pesos and some perfect Levi’s 501s.”

5. Fill your wardrobe with style and functionality.

“[Five things every girl should have in her wardrobe are] heels you can dance in all night without limping home, what I like to call “buffet-friendly” dresses, perfect sunnies that mask how late you’ve actually been up, jeans that don’t make you feel fat, and a go-to dress you always feel good in.”

6. We’re all only human.

“I have embarrassing style moments weekly! I sometimes wear the same shirt three days in a row then have a chat with myself about how that needs to stop.”

7. Quality products don’t have to be expensive.

“I was debating whether to share this or not, but I might as well. It’s my best-kept secret I’ve never shared publicly. I’m a lipstick addict forever on the quest for the perfect shades. And the best mattes I’ve ever seen are from a local brand here called Ever Bilena. They’re about 150 pesos but the colors and application are a dream.”
Photographed by Nicco Santos, Styled by Ria Casco. (September, 2014)

Photographed by Nicco Santos, Styled by Ria Casco. (September, 2014)

8. Exercise every chance you get.

“I do butt lifts while I check my emails.”

9. Be resourceful.

“Frozen green tea bags on eye bags works better than any serum, and I mean any serum I’ve ever tried. Pop the tea bag in the microwave for 30 seconds in some water, and then stick in the freezer for an hour then place on your eyes. The results are pretty instant and unreal. I’m all about the beauty pantry life.”

10. Sunglasses are your best friend.

“My makeup routine consists of sunnies to cover my eyes!”


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