This is How You Should Wear Stripes This Season

This is How You Should Wear Stripes This Season

We’re pretty sure you have more than one striped piece in your closet, and you may consider them as your trusty essentials. They go well with almost anything especially if you’re going towards the casual, laid-back route. But if you think that this print can often verge on boring, then we’re here to deliver some stylish, 2017-appropriate options on how to wear your classic stripes.

For a fresher looking outfit, here are 8 street style-tested ways you can wear this print  this season!

Stripes at the top and stripes at the bottom, check!

How to Wear Stripes 1

Stripes and gingham are a perfect match.

How to Wear Stripes 10

Wear your striped shirtdress with flared pants.

How to Wear Stripes 4

Poplin is in. Make sure to grab it in unique statement pieces.

How to Wear Stripes 3

Tame your neon stripes with a neutral-colored piece.

How to Wear Stripes 8

Get on board the athleisure trend with sporty stripes.

How to Wear Stripes 12

Smart layering can always elevate your basic pieces.

How to Wear Stripes 15

Pair a vintage tee with striped bottoms for a casual yet on-trend outfit.

How to Wear Stripes 14

Go bold or go home. It’s all about having a color palette that excites.

How to Wear Stripes 13

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