Mond Gutierrez Shares His Workout Routine and Fitn...

Mond Gutierrez Shares His Workout Routine and Fitness Secrets

Do you ever wish you’d wake up 15 pounds lighter the next morning after working out all day? Well, it doesn’t work that way. And just like every other person, Mond Gutierrez had to go through the same grueling process in order to achieve his desired body. And after months of hard work, we can’t deny that his major transformation has provided us with some serious fitspiration and encouraged us to reach our fitness goals sooner than later.

So when we got the chance to talk to Mond about his fitness story (read it here), we couldn’t leave the room without asking how exactly he shed 65 pounds in 90 days. Scroll down below to find out how you can start your fitness journey.

What are your daily workouts like?
As soon as I wake up, I do cardio at 7 in the morning, sometimes 6:30a.m. Usually, 30 to 40 minutes, sometimes 60 minutes of just speed-walk on a high incline. That’s before breakfast. And then, I kind of do all my meetings in the morning, at lunch, and afternoon. And after that, I go home, I meet up with [my trainer] Arnold and we work on the weight training stuff. So lifting weights, resistance training, like anything with pull and push. Then I would do Ride Revolution at night.

How about your diet?
There’s a lot of adjustments as well. I stopped eating beef, pork, rice, and pasta so most of my diet now is just salmon and tuna. I incorporated chicken back into my diet because I’m trying to gain a little muscle mass so I put chicken back in. But currently, I eat veggies, sweet potato, and avocado.

How do you stop the urge to eat junk food?
I don’t know because I used to be such a big chips eater. Like I used to finish a bag of chips on my own just sitting down watching online videos. I think it was more like the act of getting something and putting it in my mouth, and now I just transfer that into almonds or cashews. So, I think it’s just about looking for the healthy alternative. So before, I would eat rice. Now, I would prefer cauliflower rice. So I still get the same sensation, just healthier.

What’s one advice you would tell people who want to follow in your footsteps?
It’s all in the mind. It’s all about you. And it was me that was stopping myself from becoming fit and healthy. I always used to say: I’m never gonna learn how to cook, I’m never gonna learn how to exercise, I’m never gonna enjoy it, I’m never gonna become a morning person. And those were the things that I was telling myself. So it’s all about you. It’s a mental game. And if you really, really want it bad enough, and if you’re disciplined enough, there are always ways to do it. It starts from you.

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