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Mond Gutierrez being the most talked about celebrity of the season could be considered a surprise. Sure, as the other half of the famous twin brothers, he has had a tremendously successful career outside show business. But after shedding 65 pounds in just 90 days, Mond is aware that his jaw-dropping transformation now has everyone’s attention.

As a member of Manila’s arguably most famous family and star of E! show It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez since 2014, being in the spotlight can be tough. For Mond, dealing with his insecurities was an ongoing battle. He shared, “When I traveled, I would be uncomfortable hiking or walking a lot. I’d have to go back to the hotel and rest. And while my friends were out swimming in the beach, I’d be at the restaurant lounge having a cocktail. Even not being able to wear certain things just because of my weight limited me a lot.” But three years later, Mond finally made a decision to change his daily routines once and for all. Now, he works out twice or thrice a day, swapping out a bag of chips for nuts, and heading to bed no later than 11p.m. so he can wake up as early as 6a.m. to start his morning exercise. While his fitness journey wasn’t an easy one, the 33-year old hasn’t been shy about his new healthy lifestyle. He’s been documenting it on social media since with the help of his gym coach and fitness cheerleaders Isabelle Daza, Solenn Heussaff, Anne Curtis-Smith, and Erwan Heussaff. And now, he has never looked hotter—or happier—all while managing his career as a host, events specialist, and reality TV star.

Successfully forming his own identity away from the rest of his family, Mond has made a new name for himself as a fitness enthusiast. Beyond his strong body and newfound confidence, his dedication to continue has inspired an army of hopefuls—us included. From rediscovering fashion with his new physique to breaking through the biggest transformation of his life, Mond tells all.

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Do you remember the first time you fell in love with fashion?
I don’t remember the exact moment but growing up, I’ve always been into how I present myself. My brother and me would always look out for, you know, like the new Jordans or like whatever’s trendy or whatever’s cool at the time. But I moved to L.A. for my teenage years and that’s how I got hooked on it because all my friends were into it and we had easy access to all the labels.

Who was your fashion icon in your family?
When I look back at vintage pictures of my dad and my mom in the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s, they were really cool. They would party in Studio 54 in New York. My dad would be wearing button-downs, tight shirts, and aviators. You know, things that were kind of really cool at that time. And my mom would be in fur coats. I think that’s where I got the flair from and interest for fashion. I think they both have it.

Coming from a family of entertainment personalities, how were you able to identify differently when it comes to following your career path?
I’ve always kind of just made sure that I only did things that I was interested in. Acting has a skillset that I don’t think I can handle and a workload that I don’t think I can do. So early on in my career as a kid, the movie set was my playground. But when I was becoming an adult and I was getting offers left and right to start an acting career when my brother was in show business, I decided I wanted to host, just because I felt like I wanted to show more of me rather than portray a different character. I have a natural interest in asking people questions. I like conversing with different people and getting to know them. I’m very interested in that sense, so becoming a host just came naturally to me. Of course, I would have arguments with my mom because, you know, she’d say that these offers don’t come easy and a lot of people wait a lifetime to get acting jobs. But I’m happy that I said no to them and stuck to hosting because it really created an identity away from my brother and away from my family’s. But aside from that, I use that platform to kind of do other things that I’m interested in—whether it was working for a publication, doing events, and partnering in a nightlife destination.

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L: Robe by Chris Lee, Button-Down and Trousers by Chris Lee; R: Coat by Jeremiah Oribe, Vest by Gino Reed

“As a kid, the movie set was my playground. But when I was becoming an adult, I decided I wanted to host, just because I felt like I wanted to show more of me rather than portray a different character.”

Have you always been so creative?
I’ve always been so curious in a sense na, “What if I did this, what would happen?” I always question things. Like if I walk into a party, I’d be like, “Oh, if I did this party, I would probably do it this way, or I’d probably have the photo booth set up here, or I’d probably not use these types of furniture.” I would always play around in my head. So during the different stages of my life, I’ve always kind of questioned things and I just wanted to do something about them.

How do you fuel your creativity?
I travel a lot. I like to travel whenever I have time. I also still buy magazines. I’m one of those people that buy print magazines just to see images. And I’m constantly online. I’m constantly sourcing for new images on Instagram or online fashion magazines. I never watch TV. (Laughs)

What would you say is the key to producing a great event?
Number one is the people that you invite and the people that show up. Number two is music, ‘cause I think it really helps create a vibe. And number three is the venue where you throw your party. Those are the three things to really think about. And since we’re in the Philippines, my number four would be aircon. Because a lot of these venues are so cool, you know, if we do it in a warehouse party that would be really amazing, but then it’s like super hot so everyone ends up leaving after 30 minutes.

What’s one thing that always makes you nervous and how do you overcome it?
On event day, whenever I’m producing an event, I still get nervous, which means that I still get excited about it. Being nervous is a good sign because the moment that you don’t get nervous anymore, it means that you’re not passionate about it. Before I walk out on stage as a host and on the day of the event as an event producer, are two of the most nerve-racking things for me.

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L: Coat by Jeremiah Oribe, Tank Top by H&M, Trousers by Oswald Austria; R: Button-Down by Esprit, Trousers by Oswald Austria

Would you say that you’re your own boss?
I am. And I like working with clients that give me the freedom and the creativity to kind of do my own thing.

Who’s the most memorable fashion figure you’ve ever met?
I’ve met Anna Wintour at a Balmain show in Paris. I asked to take a photo of her and my friend Liz [Uy] because I saw an opportunity there. She was really warm and that was awesome because she’s a freaking icon and everyone’s scared of her. But aside from her, I had dinner with Nicholas Ghesquiere of—well at that time, he was still with Balenciaga. He was in town, and for me, as a fashion fan, that was like a big moment. I think I get more star struck with fashion celebrities than entertainment celebrities. (Laughs)

“The moment that you don’t get nervous anymore, it means that you’re not passionate about it.”

How often do you rely on trends?
I like checking up on trends because it keeps things interesting. But again, your wardrobe should be a lot of essentials and the building blocks of your wardrobe should be classic pieces. But I like to play around with a few trendy pieces here and there.

What’s your favorite trend now?
It’s different just because these past four months, I’ve been working so hard on my fitness and my body. It’s like I haven’t had the time to really play around with the fashion side of things. But now that I’m more fit, I get to try out things that I thought wouldn’t look good on me before. I used to layer a lot. I used to put one piece of fabric on top of the other—whether it’s a jacket or a cardigan or sweater—whereas now I can wear things much easier. So now I’m actually in this nice phase of trying out new things and seeing how they fit.

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L: Robe and Trousers are Model’s Own R: Robe by Abraham Guardian, Button Down by Oswald Austria

What does personal style mean to you?
I think it’s about editing your wardrobe to make it more you, whatever that is. So, you know, sometimes I like a piece from a street wear brand, I’ll mix it with a high-end brand. I think that’s how you play around with fashion and that’s how you enjoy it. Just because it’s street wear doesn’t mean you can’t pair it with something high-end. I like to mix and match both.

Who are some of the people that you follow on Instagram that give you inspiration?
A lot of the different photographers, editors, and a lot of different magazines. I follow @artandcommerce, I think they’re pretty cool. Everything from @jw_anderson and There’s this street style inspiration one called @pause_online that I like. There’s a guy called @tresrare who’s cool. I like following young Instagrammers too because I wanna know what they’re doing. Like really young millennials. (Laughs)

What has been your proudest career moment so far?
It’s hard to choose just because I’ve had so many amazing moments in my career. Winning awards as a TV host and knowing that your show is doing well and loved by people was an achievement. And then, getting our own reality series that airs in 27 countries was another huge achievement for us. Event-wise, launching Magnum in the country was such a big, iconic launch that everyone still talks about until today. And then doing the first ever event for Sunnies Studios was another career highlight. In terms of print, becoming the Fashion Director of Esquire Philippines. There were so many big moments, but now I would have to say, becoming fit for a brand that I’m endorsing. This body transformation of mine really was a lot of hard work and I would have to say that I’m proud of myself for sticking to it.

So you’re a host, you’re a star of a reality TV show, and you do events—how do you do it all?
I know, right? (Laughs) Time management is actually one skill that I’d like to think I’m good at. Of course, there are still some moments when I’m like, “Oh my god, what am I supposed to do today?” But what’s nice about it is it’s all properly scheduled. I just make sure that I create time for it, and that nothing overlaps. If there’s something with the event that overlaps my TV, I have a team that works really hard and makes sure that everything is going well.

“This body transformation of mine really was a lot of hard work and I would have to say that I’m proud of myself for sticking to it.”

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L: Robe by Abraham Guardian, Button Down and Trousers by Oswald Austria; R: Robe and Trousers by Mark Tamayo

How did you find the time to work out?
You know, I had to create time. I really had to say no to a few projects, decline a few events, just because I didn’t want my workload to be too much. I wanted it to be enough where I can, you know, still work out. Before I used to wake up at 11am, now I’d wake up at 6am so I have at least an hour and a half in the morning to do cardio. And then, before, I would say yes to happy hour, dinners, and parties all in the same night. Whereas now, if I’m not needed there, I won’t attend. So it’s really just creating time and learning how to say no—that was a big thing.

When did you decide you wanted to make health and fitness a priority?
It was December of 2016 when I really had a conversation with myself. You really just have to talk to yourself and psych yourself up na you’re really gonna do it because 2016 has ended and I was still in that situation where I was unhappy with my weight. And that brings upon a lot of issues like insecurity and being uncomfortable. It limits you with what you want to do. Simple things like going to the beach or swimming with my friends was hard because I was insecure of my body. That really hindered me from really enjoying my life to its full potential. So I said, now’s the time to do it, now’s the time to start. And I just did it. Beginning in the early phases of my fitness journey, I was wearing jackets and layers to the gym. I was like the big new guy. I started out with Ride Revolution and super enjoyed that because it was a nice transition from my party lifestyle into working out. And then after that, I got into boxing. January 2 was when I started my weight training with my coach, Arnold. And then after that, tuloy-tuloy na.

Why did you decide to show your fitness journey on social media? Was it more to motivate yourself or was it more to inspire others?
It was a combination of both. Me going through this process, I knew it wasn’t gonna be easy. And I wanted to share that with people. Number one, because I feel like I would get it done if it was in a public platform. And number two, I wanted to show people that, “Look, I’m doing something about it. I know a lot of you are trying to lose weight out there, and a lot of you are trying to be fit and healthy. Let me hold your hand through the process, and I’ll give you free information. I’m working with a team and these are the recipes and these are the workouts, and let’s do this together.”

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L: Jacket is Stylist’s Own, Shirt by Randolf, Trousers by Oswals Austria; R: Robe and Trousers by Mark Tamayo, Sandals by SM Milanos

What was the one thing that surprised you about yourself most during your fitness journey?
That I had a natural ability to be athletic because I never used my body in any athletic way. My trainer was telling me I had a natural kind of coordination. Or whenever I would do lifting, it was easy for me to take on the proper form, which is so scientific in the world of sports. So I didn’t know that I had that gift. No wonder Chard’s always been athletic.

“Simple things like going to the beach or swimming with my friends was hard because I was insecure of my body. That really hindered me from really enjoying my life to its full potential.”

Is it funny now that people have mistaken you for Richard?
Yeah, you know growing up, people would confuse us but that kind of went away when I gained weight and he kind of stayed fit. But now, it’s funny because when I walk around it’s like, they don’t know which name to call out.

What’s the hardest thing that you had to give up?
I think it was just the schedule. Like I was such a night person before. You know, my nights would start at, like, 9 or 10p.m. I would be getting ready to go out. Now at 10p.m, I’m getting ready for bed.

These days, fashion is also about giving an empowering message. If you had a statement shirt, what would it say?
It would say, “You are your own biggest roadblock”, just so I want people to know that it’s not other elements out there that’s stopping you from becoming your best self. It’s you. So as long as you change your mindset, things will change.

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