This Is The Only Place To Get Your Eyebrows Done T...

This Is The Only Place To Get Your Eyebrows Done This Month

Having groomed brows is one of our topmost priorities when it comes to beauty, and this month, we know exactly where you should be heading to get them done. Benefit, famed for being the brow authority, finally launched their Bold is Beautiful Project in the Philippines where 100% of proceeds from their brow wax services for the whole month of May will go to their chosen organization, Mano Amiga Academy, a non-profit school for underprivileged children and their families.

With this charitable cause, looking beautiful never felt so good! Here, General Manager for South-East Asia Victor Saint-Pere tells us more about Benefit’s philanthropic move:

Can you tell us about Benefit’s Bold Is Beautiful Project?
In Benefit, we believe in the saying that you don’t need makeup to be beautiful, you just need to be happy – which is actually pretty strange for a cosmetics brand. But we really think that when we make women feel good and happy, that’s when they look their best. We’ve been successful in that, but then we thought that we are only touching a limited amount of people. And with Benefit’s DNA and our feel-good behavior, we thought, what if we want to go beyond? What if we start to do good to people we don’t touch? We don’t see? That’s how it started 4 years ago and so we are expanding year after year, in different countries. To be honest, it’s been a crazy amount of work for our team, considering it’s absolutely not business; it’s charity. It’s not for the profit at all, so it’s a big responsibility. But I think that it’s really the path of our company. It’s important for us to make real connections in each country.

Personally, it makes me really happy. It literally makes me jump out of bed every morning. I go to work, make women feel happy, and at the same time do good as well. Yes, we are a cosmetics brand, we sell makeup products, but the fact is that we are also able to help children and so many families in Manila and in different parts of the world. Some people may think that makeup has no impact. But with the Bold Is Beautiful project, it’s all about “Empowering Big Dreams and Bold Moves.”  This gives us an opportunity to work with people we don’t usually have a chance to communicate with.

What are you most excited about when it comes to working with Mano Amiga?
What excites me is that it’s not the biggest charity we could find in the Philippines. I wanted to have a win-win collaboration where we could boost and strongly support each other. I want our project to be impactful. So we tried to find a small-scale organization but a very promising one. Mano Amiga is already helping a lot of families. They started from having three small rooms for their students. So now we want to accompany them to help these 1000 to 2000 students in the coming year. I think it’s nice to start with an orginzation that is already established and has so much potential to grow. I can’t wait to see the effect a couple of years from now and how many students and families we will be able to help.

What makes this project special?
It’s always through charity work that we touch everyone. I think that we are not forced to do charity in the beauty industry, but I like the way that Benefit decided to do it. When you think about it, we could give a percentage of the sales of our products to charity. But we said no, it will be done through our brow waxing service only. As a customer, if you are buying a product over the counter, the cashier tells you, “Okay, 1 dollar out of this transaction will go to a charity.” It’s nice, but then you pretty much wouldn’t know a lot about the cause you’re donating to. Whereas if you get your brow waxed and spend 20 minutes with a brow expert, they can talk to you about what the charity is all about. Our brow experts also meet the organizations we work with and build a connection with them. It’s a different experience and the customer will feel that it’s authentic, it’s real, and that 100% of the money they are giving to Benefit on that day goes out to the families they will hear about while they’re getting their brows done. Having this 20-minute interaction between the customer and the brow expert makes all the difference.

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