Mari Jasmine Tells Us Her Morning Smoothie Recipe

Mari Jasmine Tells Us Her Morning Smoothie Recipe

When it comes to healthy living, Mari Jasmine is our usual go-to for inspiration. Just look at her Instagram: avocado toasts, smoothie bowls, and food recipes build an enviable feed that’s enough to make you go vegetarian. She’s even got a whole section on her website dedicated to it— it’s no wonder her skin is so flawless!

So when we had the chance to pick her brain about our favorite meal of the day, we asked for the specific ingredients she puts in her morning jar so we can try it ourselves. After all, there’s nothing like a filling breakfast drink to start your day.

Curious yet? Scroll down below to find out her 4-step smoothie recipe below:


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“Normally I’ll use a liquid, a base, some greens, and if I’m feeling like I want something special, I’ll add some super foods. The liquids can be water. For example, it can be coconut juice or fruit juice. But I prefer vegetable juices as fruit juice can be quite high in sugar and fresh is always better. It can also be coconut milk or any sort of nut milk as well, and of course some people would like to use cow’s milk or goat’s milk, although I try to avoid dairy when I can. For my base, I always use bananas. I love them. Texture-wise they make a great base but you can also use mangoes, pineapples, or whatever you like really. Then I’ll add some greens like a handful of spinach, a handful of kale, or some frozen broccoli. And if I want to add a super food like maca powder, açai, or spirulina, I’ll add that as well.”

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