3 Fresh Ways To Wear Pink Makeup

Wearing pink blush or pink lipstick is a typical look girls love to wear on a daily basis. But pink lids? It can get a little tricky. We get it, no one wants to look like they have pinkeye. But seeing pink eyes all over the Spring/Summer 2017 runways makes us want to get on the trend stat!

So if you’re looking to wear pink this coming Valentine’s day (or any other day after that), we asked celebrity makeup artist Effie Go—who has clients such as Sofia Andres, Janella Salvador, and Sarah Lahbati—to give us tips on how to wear pink makeup even without owning a pink eyeshadow palette.

From punk to elegant, here are 3 fresh ways on how to pear the “pink eye” makeup trend:

1. Using Lip Liner

Pink Eyeliner Trend

Photo via refinery29.com

“Forget lining your lips, use your Fuchsia lip liner on your eyes instead.”

2. Using Lipstick

Janella Salvador Makeup

Photo via @effieinigo

“Glossy lids can be created in seconds using lipstick. Use the same lipstick on your lips and cheeks if you want to go for the trendy monochromatic look.”

3. Using Blush

80s Draping Trend

Photo via @emikaneko

Haven’t you heard? The ’80s is back. Contour your crease with a pink blush then go straight to your cheeks for the ultimate ’80s throwback.

Featured image via @effieinigo.

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