10 Stylish New Ways To Layer This Season

10 Stylish New Ways To Layer This Season

As the temperature drops, the need for some layering action arises. (Finally!) Now, we can opt to play with our wardrobe pieces and walk the street looking more stylish then well, usual. Give your sweaters a feminine touch, slip dresses a cool update, your button-down a new top mate. Here’s your chance to go all out this season with layering formulas that will help curate your best wardrobe yet.

Whether you’re looking to up your workwear game or just need adventurous weekend inspiration, here are 10 stylish new ways to layer this season:

Oversized pullover + Maxi Skirt + Sneakers


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Bell-Sleeved Button Down + V-Neck Dress + Mules

dress over button down

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Shirt Dress + Knee Length Button Down Jacket + Bulky Belt

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Sweater + Ruffled Dress + Frayed Denim

dress over jeans

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Button-down + Denim Culottes + Leather Belt + High Socks

refinery 6

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Sweater + Slip Dress + Slip-Ons

sweater over slip dress

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Knitted Pullover + Bermuda Shorts + Leggings

vanity fair

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T-Shirt + Slip Dress + Neckerchief + Denim Jacket

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Button-down + Textured Shirt + Slit Pencil Skirt 

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Turtleneck Top + Button-down + Cropped Jeans

turtleneck under botton down

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